G-Medical Collection for sale by
Ed Welch Antiques, LLC
106 Main Street
Waterville, Maine 04901

Contact us by email at information@thegriffincollection.com


This site is for the liquidation of a major medical collection. More than 3,000 items will be offered for sale. All items are guaranteed to be as represented. The only exception are items that do not fall into a specific category. Such items will be physically described and sold as is.

We offer a no questions asked return policy. If you buy an item from this collection and are not satisfied, simply return the item in three days for a full refund. We do not pay or refund shipping charges.

We are willing to take additional photographs of items for sale on this site. You may ask questions by email at information@thegriffincollection.com.

You may speak to us in person between the hours of 7 AM EST and 10 PM EST. The long hours will make it possible for people on the West Coast to call. Our business is located in the State of Maine.

Major items in this collection include: cased surgical set, Civil War related medical instruments, Ivory, Bone, and wood handled medical tools. Dental instruments, tooth keys, forceps, dentures, Ivory and wood handled dental tools, and several cased sets of dental tools.

We have many tools and medical instruments related to the optical trade. We also have charts and teaching aids.

Anesthesia, Bloodletting, Bottles, Bullet Probes & Extractors, Cased Sets, Cased Surgical Sets, Dental, Ether, Eye Surgery Sets, Eyecups, Eyeglasses, Ferguson’s Tube, Hearing Aids, Home Page, Hospital Related, Human Skeletons, Individual Surgical Tools, Individual Medical Tools, Ivory Tools, Leeching, Medicine Spoons, Microscopes, Midwifery & Birthing, Miscellaneous Tools, Ophthalmoscopes, Optical, Syringes, Tortoise Shell, Trephine Sets, Vaginal Speculum, Wood Handle




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Bullet Probes & Extractors
Cased Sets
Cased Surgical Sets
Eye Surgery Sets
Ferguson's Tube
Hearing Aids
Hospital Related
Human Skeletons
Individual Medical Tools
Individual Surgical Tools
Ivory Tools
Medicine Spoons
Midwifery & Birthing
Miscellaneous Tools
Tortoise Shell
Trephine Sets
Vaginal Speculum
Wood Handle